July Greetings! 

With the July 4 weekend behind us and all of the fireworks detonated, we are fully sliding into mid-summer.  We usually don’t do a summer newsletter but this year is different.  We haven’t been able to meet face to face for over a year and we hope to keep some action on the table for members this summer and also get ready for our first fall face to face meeting which is scheduled for September 13.  As always, the September meeting is held on the second Monday of the month because the first Monday is Labor Day.  I hope you received the announcement about our upcoming Summer Fellowship Gathering scheduled for July 19 and have marked it on your calendars.  Here is the basic information again as we hope you will be able to make it for at least a portion of the time we have scheduled.  Please don’t forget the RSVP deadline on July 15.  It will be good to just see each other again, mingle, visit and savor some homemade pie and ice cream.  Note again the opportunity below to purchase homemade pies from the OES ladies.  Yum!


WHEN:   MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021   3:00 – 4:30 pm
WHY:      Fellowship is one of our club’s primary goals which has been hard to accomplish in over a year with COVID restrictions. We thought it would be neat to schedule an opportunity to just informally gather together, have some homemade pie, ice cream, coffee, iced tea or ice water and connect/visit with one another.


  • Club will cover the cost
  • Casual dress
  • We are following cdc and mi covid guidelines and masks are a personal choice. Members desiring to wear one should feel comfortable doing so.
  • Come and go as your schedule permits
  • Invite potential members
  • Parking in masonic lot behind the building

QUESTIONS?  Contact Us


Greetings LAANRC Members, it’s starting to feel a little more normal…Yes, with COVID cases subsiding and some of our favorite spots again opening for business, it is feeling a lot more comfortable.  As a club, Bob, Sandy and I are looking forward to seeing all of you back at our next regular meeting on September 13th.  Additionally, as Bob points out in this July News Update, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Summer Fellowship Gathering (pie, ice cream, beverage and good conversation) on July 19th at the “club house”. 

I want to take this opportunity to once again express our thanks for the outstanding donation of the Manistee condo for the Scholarship auction. We also want to thank the auction winners for the generous bid for use of the condo for one week.  Since their return, I have talked them and they indicated that they had a great time exploring the Manistee area and utilizing summer property.  They both expressed gratitude in being able to support the scholarship fund while enjoying each other’s company. 

Enjoy the remainder of the summer.  It will melt away fast.  While COVID impacts seem to be subsiding, don’t let your guard down and avoid situations that seem to be risky.  See you on the 19th


The Scholarship Coordination Team met in June to review nine applications for our endowed scholarship.  We were pleased with the quality of all nine applications and ranked five for MSU/CANR to consider further.  We expect to be informed about who receives our scholarships in August.  Here's the message I received from one of our CANR contacts, after we submitted our rankings. "Thanks to all the members of the LAANRC, who have long contributed their resources (be it funds or time) for the benefits of our students."  As of April 1, 2021, the market value of our scholarship is $89,197. We plan to hold our in-person auction at our November meeting to keep growing our scholarship to reach the current goal of $100,000.

When I contacted past scholarship recipients to enlist their help in recruiting 2021-22 applicants, I received the following nice note from one recipient of our 2019-20 scholarships.  "Thanks so much for reaching out.  I forwarded on information regarding the scholarship to some of the juniors that I'm still in contact with at MSU and told them the LAANRC scholarship was one of my favorites because you all did such a wonderful job of making us feel special and it was an honor to join your meeting in the fall of 2019.  I do hope they apply.  Right after graduating last May (mostly debt free thanks in part to your club members' generosity!), I moved to Northern California to take a job on a dairy farm. I am an assistant manager at Tollcrest Dairy and am absolutely loving it here.  We milk 2,000 Holstein cows twice a day in a 60-stall rotary parlor and raise our youngstock too, so there's about 5,000 head total on the farm.  My boss is a very unconventional dairyman and has unique, genius ideas.  Although I am no longer in a formal educational setting, I am continuing to learn so much just by having him as a mentor and by experiencing the dairy industry on the West Coast.  I have also gotten involved with the Young Farmers and Ranchers program through my local county Farm Bureau.  Recently I competed in and won the California Farm Bureau State Discussion Meet Contest and was privileged to make it to the Sweet Sixteen round at the national level (American Farm Bureau Federation) as well.  Please let me know if there's anything else I can contribute to the effort of raising the $100K."


The purpose of the Lansing Area Agriculture & Natural Resources Club is to provide opportunites for those interested in agriculture and natural resources to interact regularily with others who have like interests, to keep members updated in these areas, to share a social environment that maintains connections and develops new friendships, and to support a scholarship program for deserving students in the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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