Specific Crop Recommendations

This MSU Extension bulletin was prepared to help commercial vegetable producers make informed decisions on pest management.

Recommendations are organized into sections by crop. Within a crop, specific pests are listed along with their control recommendations. Frequent users may want to insert tabs for easy location of each crop section.

This publication focuses on chemical tactics and should be used in conjunction with an overall sound program of integrated pest management. Chemical recommendations are included for insect, disease and nematode control, as well as handling pesticides safely to prevent human and environmental harm. The management suggestions in this bulletin are designed to help protect the grower’s crop from the pre-plant stage to market and, in certain cases, through storage.

These recommendations are not intended to replace the specific product labels. Always read and follow label instructions carefully.

Remember that the pesticide label is the legal document on pesticide use. Read the label and follow all instructions closely. The use of a pesticide in a manner not consistent with the label can lead to the injury of crops, humans, animals and the environment. The use of a pesticide inconsistent with the label directions can also lead to civil or criminal fines and/or condemnation of the crop. Pesticides are good management tools for the control of pests on crops, but only when they are used in a safe, effective and prudent manner according to the label.