Amount of chemical formulation to apply per acre (unless otherwise directed). Apply no closer to harvest than number of days given in parentheses. (RUP) = Restricted Use Pesticide.

Consult bulletin E-959 for pictures of insects, life history and damage. See current Vegetable Crop Advisory Team Newsletter for up-to-date information on pest status and control. (Visit or use the order form in the back of the book to subscribe.)

These recommendations are not intended to replace the specific product labels. Always read and follow label instructions carefully.

Remember that the pesticide label is the legal document on pesticide use. Read the label and follow all instructions closely. The use of a pesticide in a manner not consistent with the label can lead to the injury of crops, humans, animals and the environment. The use of a pesticide inconsistent with the label directions can also lead to civil or criminal fi nes and/or condemnation of the crop. Pesticides are good management tools for the control of pests on crops, but only when they are used in a safe, effective and prudent manner according to the label.