SHARPEN 2.85 SC (saflufenacil)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

CORN (Sweet or Pop)   Preemergence   0.045-0.0778   2-3.5 fl oz   POPCORN. Use for horseweed control. Apply to soil surface after planting. Do not apply after corn emergence. Do not use with an OP or carbamate soil insecticide. 0 PHI.

PEAS   Preemergence   0.017   0.75 fl oz   Edible pod peas, succulent peas. Controls eastern black nightshade, lambsquarters, horseweed, pigweeds, velvetleaf. Apply within 3 days of seeding
peas. 0 PHI.