MOXY 2E (bromoxynil)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

CORN (Sweet or Pop)   Postemergence broadleaves   0.25-0.375   1-1.5 pt   POPCORN only. Apply prior to tasseling of corn. Controls only broadleaves. 30-day PHI.

GARLIC   Postemergence broadleaves   0.13-0.38   8-24 fl oz   Apply after garlic emerges but before it is 12 inches high. 112 day PHI in mineral soil; 60-day PHI in muck soil.

MINT   Postemergence broadleaves   0.25   1 pt   Apply during dry weather with temperatures below 70 F. Effective on small weeds. May cause temporary stunting and leaf chlorosis of mint. 70-day PHI.

ONION, SHALLOT, DRY BULB (Seeded, Sets, Transplants)   Postemergence broadleaves   0.13-0.25   8-16 fl oz   Apply before onions emerge or to onions with 2-5 leaves. Application to younger or older onions may cause crop injury. Apply in a minimum of 50 gal water/acre, after 2 sunny days, when soil and onion leaves are dry and temperature is 70-80 F to avoid crop injury. Controls mustards, lambsquarters and smartweed.