BANVEL 4L (dicamba)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

ASPARAGUS (Established one year or more)   Postemergence broadleaves   0.25-0.5   0.5-1 pt   Apply to actively growing weeds immediately after a harvest. Use high rate for control of perennial weeds. Apply in tank mix with 2,4 D or glyphosate for control of Canada thistle or field bindweed. Discard crooked spears at harvest. Do not exceed 1 pt/acre/year. 24-hr PHI.

NON-CROP LAND AND SPECIAL WEED PROBLEMS   Annual and perennial broadleaves   0.25-2   0.25-2 qt   Controls many annual and perennial herbaceous weeds. Check label for rate for specific weeds. Prevent drift to non-target areas.