LOROX 50DF (linuron)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

ASPARAGUS (Established one year or more)   Postemergence broadleaves   1-2   2-4 lb   Apply before or after crop emergence. Use high rate preemergence. Do not exceed 4 lb ai/acre/year. 6 weeks residual activity. 1-day PHI.

ASPARAGUS (Newly planted crowns)   Preemergence broadleaves and grasses   1-2   2-4 lb   Broadcast 2-4 lb Lorox (1-2 lb ai) before fern emergence.

  Postemergence broadleaves   1-2   2-4 lb   Apply when fern is 6-18 inches tall and weeds are less than 4 inches tall. Do not exceed 2 lb ai (4 lb product) pre and postemergence per year.

ASPARAGUS (Seed beds for crown production)   Pre- or postemergence broadleaves   0.5-1.5   1-3 lb   PREEMERGENCE: Plant seed 1-1.5 inches deep; spray a 1-inch band of activated charcoal over the rows at a rate of 300 lb/acre of actual area sprayed (15 lb/acre with 20-inch rows). Broadcast 2 lb of Lorox (1 lb ai) over the field.

POSTEMERGENCE: When fern is 6-18 inches high and weeds are not over 4 inches high, broadcast 1-2 lb Lorox (1/2-1 lb ai). Do not exceed a total of 2 lb ai/acre/year.

CARROT   Preemergence annuals   0.5-1   1-2 lb   PREEMERGENCE: Apply after seeding but before carrots emerge. Use low rate on light soils and higher rate on clay or muck,

  Postemergence broadleaves   0.75-1   1.5-2 lb   Broadcast after carrots are 3 inches high. Do not apply when temperature is above 85 F. Do not apply at pressure above 40 PSI. Do not mix with other pesticides or surfactants. Do not apply within 14 days of any other pesticides when carrots are under stress. Do not exceed 2 lb ai/acre/year. 14-day PHI.

CELERIAC   Preemergence   0.75-1.5   1.5-3.0 lb   Label pending for 2014. Apply after transplanting as a broadcast spray. Do not add surfactants, N, other fertilizer, or other pesticides to the spray mix. 60-day PHI.

CELERY (Transplanted)   Germinating or emerged annuals   0.75-1   1.5-2 lb   Apply after transplanting but before celery is 8 inches tall. Do not exceed 40 PSI pressure. Do not apply when temperatures exceed 85 F, and do not mix with wetting agents or other pesticides.

CILANTRO   Preemergence   0.5-1.0   1-2 lb   PREEMERGENCE: Apply after seeding and before crop emergence. Use lower rate on sandy soil. Do not apply to soil <1% OM.

POSTEMERGENCE: Up to 2 postemergence applications @ 1-2 lb/acre after cilantro has 3 true leaves. Maximum pre and post of 4 lb product/acre/yr. 21-day PHI.

DILL   Preemergence   0.5-1   1-2 lb   PREEMERGENCE: Apply to damp soil after planting and
before dill emerges. Do not apply to sandy soils or soils with <1% OM.

POSTEMERGENCE: Apply to dill with at least 3 true leaves.

Do not exceed 4 lb product/acre/year. Do not spray when temperature exceeds 85F. Some varieties may be sensitive to Lorox. 21-day PHI.

EDAMAME (Vegetable soybean)   Preemergence   0.5-1   1-2 lb   Make one preemergence application after seeding edamame.

HORSERADISH   Preemergence   0.5-1.5   1-3 lb   PREEMERGENCE: Apply after planting or preemergence in the spring. Water the field before application. Maximum 3 lb

PARSLEY   Preemergence   0.5-1.5   1-3 lb   MINERAL AND MUCK SOIL: Apply after seeding but before crop emergence. Use low rate on light soil. 30 day PHI.

  Postemergence broadleaves   0.5   1 lb   Apply after parsley has 3 true leaves. Max. of 3 lb Lorox 50 DF/acre/yr pre and post. 30 day PHI.

PARSNIP   Preemergence   0.75-1.5   1.5-3 lb   Apply before parsnips emerge. Plant seed at least 0.5 inch deep.

PEAS   Preemergence   0.5-1   1-2 lb   Garden pea, green pea, English pea, edible podded pea, dry pea. Apply up to 2 lb product after seeding peas. Do not use on sand or loamy sand soils, or soils with <1% OM.

POTATO   Preemergence   0.75-1.5   1.5-3 lbq   Apply in tank mix with a grass herbicide. Apply before potatoes emerge but after weeds have emerged. Use low rate on soil with 1-2% OM.

RHUBARB   Preemergence   1-1.5   2-3 lb   Broadcast to dormant rhubarb in the spring before leaves emerge.