CALLISTO 4SC (mesotrione)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

ASPARAGUS (Established one year or more)   Preemergence annuals   0.094-0.241   3-7.7 fl oz   Apply before spear emergence in spring of after final harvest. Add COC or NIS to improve burndown of emerged weeds. Do not exceed 7.7 fl oz/acre/year. A post harvest application may cause some fern bleaching. Controls most annual broadleaves and grasses. Use once in 2 years.

CORN (Sweet or Pop)   Preemergence   0.09-0.24   3-7.7 fl oz   SWEET CORN, YELLOW POP CORN.

PREEMERGENCE: apply 6-7.7 fl oz after seeding.

POSTEMERGENCE: apply 3 fl oz to corn up to 30 inches tall.
Add 0.25% NIS. Maximum 2 applications pre and post. 45-day PHI. Most vegetable crops have an 18-month rotational restriction.

OKRA (Seeded or transplanted)   Preemergence   0.094-0.188   3-6 fl oz   Apply to row middles before okra emergence or as a hooded application after emergence or transplanting. Do not allow Callisto to contact okra plants. 28 day PHI. 18-month rotational restriction for most crops.

RHUBARB   Preemergence   0.188   6 fl oz   Apply to soil before rhubarb breaks dormancy in the spring. Application after growth begins will cause crop stunting and bleaching. 21 day PHI.