SPARTAN 4F (sulfentrazone)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

ASPARAGUS (Established one year or more)   Preemergence annuals   0.14-0.375   4.5-12 fl oz   Apply before asparagus emerges in spring. Do not use on soils with <1% OM. Controls amaranths, pigweeds, mayweed, morningglory, nightshade, plantain, Russian thistle. Max. 12 fl oz/ac/yr in 1 appl. 14 day PHI.

BROCCOLI, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER (Seeded, transplanted)   Preemergence grasses and broadleaves   0.07-0.188   2.25-6 fl oz   PROCESSING CABBAGE. Apply before transplanting or as a directed spray between rows after transplanting.

MINT   Preemergence annuals   0.14-0.375   4.5-12 fl oz   NEW PLANTING: Apply preemergence after planting. Reduce use rate by 25% for soil type on new plantings.

ESTABLISHED PLANTINGS. Apply before mint emerges in spring. Use lower rate on coarse soils with low OM content.

STRAWBERRY   Preemergence in spring or at renovation   0.125 - 0.25   4 - 8 fl oz   Apply before or after transplanting, or at spring or fall dormancy. Maximum 2 applications and 12 fl oz/acre/year. Do not use on sand with <1% OM. For control of field pansy, groundsel, mayweed, pigweed, woodsorrel, white campion, wild buckwheat.

TOMATO   Preemergence   0.07 - 0.25   2.25 - 8 fl oz   Apply before transplanting for control of groundsel, lambsquarters, ladysthumb, nutsedge, wild buckwheat. Use low rate on sandy soil with pH >7.0. Do not use on sand with <1% OM.