NORTRON 4SC (ethofumesate)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

BEETS, RED   Preemergence   1.9 pre/0.16-0.33 post   3.75 pt pre/5.25-10.5 fl oz post   Apply to soil after seeding, or to beets with 2-8 leaves. Maximum of 6 pt/acre/year. Good control of lambsquarters, nightshades, smartweeds, mustards. May stunt beets when applied preemergence. Maximum of 96 fl oz / season pre- and post-emergence.

  Postemergence   0.16 - 0.33   5.25 - 10.5 fl oz   Apply 5.25 fl oz to 2-4 leaf beets and 10.5 fl oz to 6-8 leaf beets. Apply with other postmergence herbicides.

GARLIC   Preemergence and postemergence   1.0 pre / 0.5 post   2 pt pre / 1 pt post   Apply after seeding or postemergence to small weeds. Controls chickweed, lambsquarters, nightshades, pigweed, smartweeds, mustards, nutsedge. Maximum 6 pt/acre/year.

ONION, SHALLOT, DRY BULB (Seeded, Sets, Transplants)   Preemergence seeded   0.5-1.0   1-2 pt   Apply after planting. Use lower rate on sandy soil. Rain needed to activate chemical. 4-6 weeks control of several grasses and broadleaves on mineral soil. May cause onion stunting in cool weather.

  Preemergence transplants   0.5 - 1   1 - 2 pt   Use on mineral soils. Use lower rate on coarse soils. On course soils, do not exceed 48 fl oz total pre- and post-emergence. On medium and fine soils, do not exceed 96 fl oz/year.

  Postemergence broadleaves   0.5   1 pt   Apply to small broadleaves and nutsedge. Maximum 4 applications/year. Controls chickweed, nightshades, pigweed, nutsedge. 30-day PHI.