TRICOR 75DF (metrlbuzin)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

ASPARAGUS (Established one year or more)   Preemergence annuals   0.5-1.0   0.67-1.3 lb   Apply after mowing fern in spring and after harvest. Do not exceed 2.6 lb product/acre/year. Good sandbur control. Use low rate if in combination with Karmex. 6-8 week residual activity. 14-day PHI.

CARROT   Postemergence broadleaves   0.25   0.33 lb   Broadcast when carrots have 5-6 leaves. Do not apply during cool, cloudy weather or when temperature is above 85 F. Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not apply within 14 days of any other pesticides when carrots are under stress. Do not apply more than once per season. 60-day PHI.

POTATO   Delayed preemergence broadleaves and grasses   0.5   0.67 lb   Follow preemergence treatments listed above. Apply just before potatoes emerge and after weeds have emerged but are less than 1 inch tall. Do not use on Atlantic or Shepody varieties.

  Postemergence broadleaves and grasses   0.25   0.33 lb   Apply postemergence over the top of potatoes. Avoid spraying during the 12- to 15-inch stage to avoid injury. Do not apply after 3 cool, cloudy days. Do not use on early maturing or red skin varieties. Do not apply within 1 day of other pesticides. Do not apply more than 1 lb ai/acre/year. Do not use on Atlantic, Shepody, Chip Belle, Bell Chip or Centennial varieties. 60-day PHI.

TOMATO   Preemergence   0.25-0.5   0.33-0.66 lb   TRANSPLANTED. Apply before transplanting and incorporate 2-3 inches into the soil. Usually used in combination with trifluralin to improve preemergence broadleaf control.

  Postemergence broadleaves   0.25   0.33 lb   SEEDED OR TRANSPLANTED: Apply as a postemergence directed or broadcast spray to kill emerged broadleaves and extend preemergence control. Apply 0.33 lb product after tomatoes have 5-6 leaves. Apply after 3 warm, sunny days. Do not tank mix or spray within 1 day of other pesticides. Allow 14 days between applications. Use a maximum of 1 lb ai/acre/year pre- and postemergence. 7-day PHI.