STARANE ULTRA 2.8 L (fluroxypyr)

Crop   Weed Problem   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

CORN (Sweet or Pop)   Postemergence broadleaves   0.14   0.4 pt   SWEET CORN: Broadcast to corn up to V4 stage. Apply to larger corn with drop nozzles. Controls several broadleaves. Some hybrids may be sensitive. 31 day PHI.

ONION, SHALLOT, DRY BULB (Seeded, Sets, Transplants)   Postemergence broadleaves   0.123   0.35 pt   Apply to onions with 2-6 leaves. Maximum of 2 applications per season. Controls volunteer potato, chickweed, composites, nightshades, mustards. SLN.