Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Preemergence   cycloate
2-3 qt
  Apply before planting. Controls grasses, pigweed, ragweed. Incorporate 2-3 inches after spraying. Use lowest rate on sandy soils. Not effective on muck soils.

  1.9 pre/0.16-0.33 post  
3.75 pt pre/5.25-10.5 fl oz post
  Apply to soil after seeding, or to beets with 2-8 leaves. Maximum of 6 pt/acre/year. Good control of lambsquarters, nightshades, smartweeds, mustards. May stunt beets when applied preemergence. Maximum of 96 fl oz / season pre- and post-emergence.

0.67-1.33 pt
  Apply to soil after seeding, followed with 0.5 inch irrigation. Avoid use on soils with <1.5% OM. Use high rate on muck soils with >20% OM. DUAL MAG. MAY
BE USED ON BEETS GROWN FOR GREENS. Use up to 1 pt/acre on beets for greens. 30-day PHI. See: for Michigan 24C indemnified label.

Postemergence   ethofumesate
  0.16 - 0.33  
5.25 - 10.5 fl oz
  Apply 5.25 fl oz to 2-4 leaf beets and 10.5 fl oz to 6-8 leaf beets. Apply with other postmergence herbicides.

Postemergence broadleaves   clopyralid
4-8 fl oz
  Apply to beets with 2 to 8 leaves. Kills composite weeds, nightshade and wild buckwheat. One or 2 applications per year. Max. 8 fl. oz. 30-day PHI.

3 pt
  Apply after beets have 4 true leaves. Use no more than 22 gal spray solution per acre. Do not apply if beets are under any type of stress. See label for weeds controlled and precautions. 60-day PHI.

0.5 oz
  Apply postemergence at 2-4 leaf stage and 4-6 leaf stage for control of velvetleaf and mustards. Also suppresses lambsquarters, pigweed, nightshade, ragweed, smartweed, wild buckwheat. Add 0.25% NIS.
Maximum 1.5 oz/acre/season. 30-day PHI.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Maximum 64 fl oz/acre/year. Include 0.25% NIS/acre. 30-day PHI.

(POAST 1.5E)
1-2.5 pt
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Use high rate on perennial grasses. Maximum of 3 pt/acre/year. Include 1 qt COC/acre. 60-day PHI.

Emerged annuals and perennials   glyphosate
2-3 qt
  Apply to emerged perennials before planting in the spring or after harvest in the fall. Check label for best time of year, stage of growth and rate for each weed.