CELERY (Transplanted)

Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Germinating or emerged annuals   linuron
1.5-2 lb
  Apply after transplanting but before celery is 8 inches tall. Do not exceed 40 PSI pressure. Do not apply when temperatures exceed 85 F, and do not mix with wetting agents or other pesticides.

1-2 qt
  Make 1 or 2 applications within 2-6 weeks after transplanting but before weeds are 2 inches tall. Do not exceed 2 qt/acre/year.

Preemergence grasses, yellow nutsedge   s-metolachlor
1-2 pt
  Apply before or immediately after transplanting. Use high rate on muck soils. Follow with 0.25 inch water within 7 days. 62-day PHI. See: www.farmassist.com for Michigan 24C indemnified label.

Preemergence annuals   flumioxazin
3 oz
  Apply before transplanting or between 3-7 days after transplanting for control of many annual broadleaf weeds and grasses. Do not tank mix with other pesticides.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Maximum 64 fl oz/acre/year. Include 0.25% NIS/acre. 30-day PHI.

(POAST 1.5E)
1-1.5 pt
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Include 1 qt COC/acre. Maximum total of 3 pt/acre/season. 30-day PHI.

Postemergence perennials   glyphosate
2-3 qt
  Apply to emerged perennials before planting in the spring or after harvest in the fall.