LETTUCE (Head, Leaf)

Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Emerged weeds before planting   paraquat
2 pt
  PREEMERGENCE: Apply before or after seeding but before lettuce emerges. Include 1 pt NIS/100 gal. RUP

Preemergence annuals   bensulide
5-6 qt
  Apply preplant and incorporate or preemerge and water in. Not effective on muck soil.

(KERB 3.3SC)
2.5-5 pt
  HEAD LETTUCE and LEAF LETTURE: Apply before or after seeding but before weeds emerge. Incorporate or irrigate into the soil. Can be applied postemergence to lettuce.

HEAD LETTUCE ON MUCK SOIL with >20% OM: Use 4-6 lb ai (4.8-7.2 qt of product) for weed control on muck soil.

55-day PHI. RUP. MI 24c label.

Postemergence broadleaves   carfentrazone
2 fl oz
  Apply between rows with a hooded sprayer. Apply to weeds up to 3 inches. Add an adjuvant and nitrogen source. Maximum 2 applications per crop. Controls most annual broadleaves. 0 day PHI.

1.5 pt
  Make 1 shielded application to row middles 2-3 weeks after seeding. Include 0.25% NIS. Use a minimum of 40 gal water/acre. MI SLN label. RUP.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Include 0.25% NIS/acre. Maximum 64 fl oz/acre/year. 14-day PHI.

(POAST 1.5E)
1-1.5 pt
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Include 1 qt COC/acre. Maximum 3 pt/acre/year. Head lettuce: 30-day PHI; leaf lettuce: 15-day PHI.

Postemergence perennials   glyphosate
2-3 qt
  Apply to emerged perennials before planting in the spring or after harvest in the fall.