Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Preemergence   bensulide
5-6 qt
  Apply preplant or preemergence. Incorporate or water in. Not effective on muck soil.

1-3 lb
  MINERAL AND MUCK SOIL: Apply after seeding but before crop emergence. Use low rate on light soil. 30 day PHI.

  0.5 - 2.0  
1 - 4 pt
  Make 1 application up to 14 days after planting; 2nd appl. of 1 pt/a up to 30 days before harvest; 3rd application up to 30 days before 2nd harvest. Maximum of 3 applications/year on all cuttings.

Postemergence broadleaves   carfentrazone
  0.16 - 0.32  
1 - 2
  Apply as a burndown treatment as least 7-days before seeding. Apply to row middles with a hooded sprayer to control weeds up to 4-inches tall. Add COC, NIS or MSO. Addition of AMS will improve weed control. Maximum 6.1 fl oz/acre/year. 0-day PHI.

1 lb
  Apply after parsley has 3 true leaves. Max. of 3 lb Lorox 50 DF/acre/yr pre and post. 30 day PHI.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Include 0.25% NIS/acre. Maximum of 64 fl oz/acre/year. 14 day PHI.

(POAST 1.5E)
1-1.5 pt
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Include 1 qt COC/acre. Maximum total of 3 pt/acre. 15-day PHI.

Perennials   glyphosate
2-3 qt
  Apply to emerged perennials before planting in the spring or after harvest in the fall. Check label for best time of year, stage of growth and rate for each weed.