Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Emerged weeds before planting   paraquat
2 pt
  Apply before seeding or transplanting melons to kill emerged weeds. Include 1 pt NIS/100 gal. RUP

Preemergence   bensulide
4-6 qt
  Apply and incorporate 0.5-1 inch before seeding or transplanting. Controls many annual grasses. May stunt crop if used under clear plastic.

0.4-0.67 pt
  Apply to soil surface before transplanting or after seeding. Use low rate on coarse soils. 45-day PHI.

2-3 pt
  DIRECT-SEEDED MELONS: Use low rate on light, sandy soil. Apply to soil surface within 2 days of seeding. Do not incorporate. Needs 0.5 inch of rain or irrigation within 5 days for activation. Heavy rainfall after application may cause crop injury.

TRANSPLANTED MELONS: Apply to soil between rows of plastic mulch. Do not apply over or under row covers or plastic mulch. Do not spray over the top of transplants.

3-6 pt
  Apply to soil surface after seeding, or as a banded spray between rows after transplanting. Needs 0.5 inch water within 2 days for activation. Use lower rate on light soil.

(PROWL H20 3.8 ACS)
2,1 pt
  Apply as a shielded spray to soil between rows of plastic mulch before planting melons. A second application of 2.1 pt may be made 21 days after the first application. Avoid contact with melon vines. 35 day PHI.

2-4 oz
  Apply before transplanting. May be applied under plastic mulch or to the row middles. Use low rate on sandy soils. For suppression of broadleaf weeds. Use with a preemergence grass herbicide. 70-day PHI.

1-2 pt
  Direct the spray between rows when plants have 3-4 leaves. Cultivate shallowly to incorporate. Avoid contact with crop leaves. 60-day PHI.

Preemergence grasses, broadleaves, nutsedge   s-metolachlor
  0.64 - 1.21  
0.67 - 1.27 pt
  WATERMELONS ON PLASTIC: Apply between the rows of plastic; on bare soil, apply as a directed spray between plant rows. 1 application/year. 60 day PHI. See: www.farmassist.com for Michigan 24C indemnified label.

Preemergence and postemergence broadleaves   halosulfuron
0.5-0.75 oz
  DIRECT SEEDED ON BARE GROUND: Apply after seeding but before soil cracking.

TRANSPLANTED ON PLASTIC MULTCH: Apply just befrore laying plastic. Wait 7 days to transplant.

ROW MIDDLES: Apply to row middles as a directed spray. Avoid contact with crop.

Do not exceed 2 oz/acre/year. 57 day PHI.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Do not exceed 64 fl oz/acre/year. Include 0.25% NIS/acre. 14-day PHI.

(POAST 1.5E)
1-1.5 pt
  Apply to actively growing grasses. Include 1 qt COC/acre. Maximum total of 3 pt/acre/season. 14-day PHI.

Emerged perennials   glyphosate
2-3 qt
  Apply to emerged perennials before planting the crop. Wait 3 days before planting.