Weed Problem   Chemical   Pounds Active Ingredient (AI)/Acre   Amount of Commercial Product/Acre   Remarks and Limitations

Preemergence   flumioxazin
6 oz
  Apply to dormant hops as a band on each side of the row. One application per year. 30 day PHI.

(ALION 1.67 SC)
3.5-5 fl oz
  PENDING for 2018. Apply to hops that have been established at least one year. Apply in late fall or spring with buds <2 inches. Apply in at least 2 ft band on each side of row. Max. 2 applications and 10 fl oz/year.

2.5-5 lb
  Apply as a directed spray to soil on each side of row. Use low rate on sandy soil. Apply 6 or more months after crop establishment. 60 day PHI.

(PROWL H20 3.8 ACS)
1.1-4.2 qt
  Apply to hops in year of planting or to established hops. Apply to dormant or vegetative hop plants. Apply to bare soil before weeds emerge. Avoid contact with vines or cones. A second application may be applied 30 days after the first application. Max. of 4.2 qt/acre/year. 90 day PHI.

1-1.5 pt
  Apply and incorporate in established hops. Do not spray or till over top of crowns. No composite or mustard control.

Postemergence   clopyralid
0.33-0.67 pt
  For control of Canada thistle and other composite weeds. Apply to weeds before bud stage. May cause minor leaf cupping of hops. Max. 2 applications and 0.67 pt/ac/yr. 21 days between applications. 30 day PHI.

Postemergence broadleaves   2,4-D
(WEEDAR 64 3.8L)
1 pt
  Apply to row middles for postemergence annual broadleaf weed control. Up to 3 applications per crop cycle. 30 days between applications. 30 day PHI.

0.5-2 fl oz
  Annual broadleaf control and hop sucker control. Apply to lower 1.5 ft of plants and to sucker mat. Effective against very small broadleaf weeds. 7 day PHI. MI 24c label

1-3 pt
  Apply in row middles to control emerged annual and perennial weeds. Do not allow spray to contact hop plant or suckers. 14 day PHI.

  pelargonic acid
5-10 gal
  Apply for postemergence vegetation control and sucker control in 75-200 gpa. Avoid contact with hop plants. Often used in tank mix with another post herbicide.

Postemergence grasses   clethodim
9-16 fl oz
  Annual grass control. Apply to actively growing grasses. Max. 64 fl oz/acre/yr. Include COC or NIS. 21 day PHI.